Welcome to 4DGenome, a general repository for chromatin interaction data.

Records in 4DGenome are compiled through comprehensive literature curation of experimentally-derived and computationally-predicted interactions. The current release contains 4,433,071 experimentally-derived and 3,605,176 computationally-predicted interactions in 5 organisms. Experimental data cover both high throughput datasets and individiual focused studies.

All interaction data are freely available in a standardized file format. Records can be queried by genomic regions, gene names, organism, and detection technology.

August 15th, 2014, 4DGenome was launched. Current build of the database contains 8,038,247 records of chromatin interactions in five species. It covers all major experimental and computational technologies for detecting chromatin interactions including 3C, 4C, 5C, ChIA-PET, Hi-C, Capture-C, and IM-PET.
The 4DGenome web interface was developed on Chrome 37, and tested for Safari 7, Firefox 32 and IE 9 as of Oct 28th 2014. For best compatibility, we recommend using of Chrome or Safari.